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1:1 College Coaching Rates
for 10 & 11th Graders

It was great speaking with you about you & your scholar's college needs. Thank you for trusting me in this process! As promised, you will notice the rates we discussed. 


This college coaching service provides monthly one-on-one support for high school 10th or 11th graders to ensure their ability to THRIVE throughout their college preparation & search process.


From research and building your college list, to transitioning from high school to college support. We've got you covered!  


All packages below include: 

  • Bi-weekly student meetings

  • Monthly parent/guardian meetings

  • Unlimited email & text support

  • Access to live presentations, workshops, & group sessions 

  • Access to recorded online videos packed with college application & search information

Students will feel:
⭐️ Confident: in who they are and what makes them an asset!
⭐️ Capable: in their abilities, strengths, and values!
⭐️ Motivated: to take on whatever successes and stresses that may come!
⭐️ Supported: in a community of other college bound students who have similar questions, concerns, anxieties, and dreams!

⭐️ Clear: on what they want & how to take action towards it!
⭐️ Informed: with necessary information and knowledge about navigating processes & applications!
⭐️ Guided: through the, sometimes, complicated processes and applications, so they don’t feel alone!

Ready to get started? 

Below, you will find three (3) payment options available to you, as previously discussed in your consultation call.

Once selected, the page will direct you to payment via Stripe. After payment, you will be contacted within 1-2 business days about your scholar's first meeting, parent/guardian meeting schedule link, and what you can expect moving forward! I am excited to be working with you & your scholar!

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