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Want to Thrive 

in your College Experiences?

I help first generation college students & their families navigate the college experience, from application to graduation!

Is your college-bound teen a high school senior or junior preparing for the college application season? Maybe they are in 9th or 10th grade and want to get a head start on college preparation?

Your teen has always been a great student. They get good grades and are super active in the community, extracurriculars & hobbies. You are so proud of everything they have accomplished and only want the best for them. You have supported & loved them through the educational journey.

College is right around the corner! EXCITING!

But you both still have some anxiety around it…

The college search & application process can be overwhelming & confusing. But it doesn’t have to be! a few short months your student feels...

  • Confident: in who they are and what makes them an asset!

  • Capable: in their abilities, strengths, and values!

  • Motivated: to take on whatever successes and stresses that may come!

  • Supported: in a community of other college bound students who have similar questions, concerns, anxieties, and dreams!

  • Clear: on what they want & how to take action towards it!

  • Informed: with necessary information and knowledge about navigating processes & applications!

  • Guided: through the, sometimes, complicated processes and applications, so they don’t feel alone!


Don’t just dream about it. You can make it happen.

ANDyou don’t have to do it alone!

I want to support you by focusing on 3 key areas:



Let's Connect about:


Coaching Programs

 Family College
Planning Sessions

Group Coaching



"I have known Miracle for 5 years. Miracle was able to connect with many students of color who are low-income and first generation college students. I had a lot of worry and doubt about what I wanted to do in life. Miracle helped me to reflect and brainstorm my needs and wants. She expects nothing less than greatness and sets a standard of personal success and happiness."

Shaquan Womack



What I am working on...

Creating resources for college-bound students: 

Making new material and ways to share my passion for students persisting within higher education to engage through online courses, creating virtual community, and providing 1:1

mentorship & support for students. 


Putting final touches on a *NEW* workbook:  

To support more students in their college preparedness & readiness journey. This project will be released SOON! It is a labor of love & I can't wait for you to see it! 


Running Advising On Purpose part-time:

I am currently working with a college planning company that limits my ability to take on additional clients independently. If you would like to work with me, please visit the company's website - Miracle Husband | College Counselor at HelloCollege (

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