Want to Thrive 

in your College Experiences?

I mentor undergraduate students as they navigate their campuses and find their communities. 

Are you the FIRST one in your family to attend college and worry about how you navigate this exciting next chapter?

Do you have trouble identifying your academic INTERESTS

Do you want STRATEGIC MENTORSHIP that can help you align your academic goals and passions?

I have been there.

As a first-generation college student of color at UC Berkeley, I was apprehensive about how I would succeed at such a prestigious university. After the first year of struggling through scarce resources, limited knowledge about navigating college, and culture shock,

it became my mission to retain other students. This experience was invaluable and inspired me to become an educator.

Love is my approach to student support and mentorship.  

I love celebrating graduate school admissions, job offers, internship placements, and student awards. Those celebratory congratulations are just as big when a student passes a class they didn’t think they would pass, or getting an A in a class that was previously failed. The feeling

is one of the most satisfying, as if it is my own success.

I want to support your transition into college

by focusing on 3 key areas:




Let's Connect about:


Coaching Programs

Career Exploration

& Support

Advising On Purpose

Online Courses



"I have known Miracle for 5 years. Miracle was able to connect with many students of color who are low-income and first generation college students. I had a lot of worry and doubt about what I wanted to do in life. Miracle helped me to reflect and brainstorm my needs and wants. She expects nothing less than greatness and sets a standard of personal success and happiness."

Shaquan Womack



What I am working on...

Creating resources for undergraduate students: making new material and ways to share my passion for students persisting within higher education to engage through online courses, creating virtual community, and providing 1:1

mentorship & support for underrepresented students. 


Advising 200+ Business Management undergrads:  

I currently serve as an Academic Counselor at Tulane University with the A.B. Freeman School of Business allowing me to continue sharing wisdom with a creative students looking to change the world. 


Staying connected to Source:

Maintaining practices that help me stay grounded, energized, and divinely inspired to lead, love, and listen with my heart. 

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